Conservatory - Wrapping up

Making Of / 18 November 2019

I finished the conservatory last Friday with some new additions.

I wanted to make the place cosier, so I added a cushion on the chair which is actually just the same as the pillow but with a different colour multiplied into the albedo, and I made a rug too. 

Nothing new to the pipeline here, I just made it similarly to the duvet using Marvelous Designer. I also made a tiling material for it and used a baked normal with Angle Corrected Blended Normals in UE4:

I finally got to make my ivy which I thought I would have no time for and I'm really pleased I could. I made ivy branches in a way that could be used to make a plant in a plant pot, but also used outside as a whole plant climbing and coming down the roof.

The ivy branch was made using the classic 3Ds Max approach, out of a spline. I then used the Animation / Position Controller / Path Constraint to attach the leaves into the same spline, speeding up the process of placing, rotating and scaling them. This was taught to me by my supervisor at my placement year, Max.

Here's some fun gifs showing how the environment progressed:


Some disclaimers:

The images from the posters were not made originally by me, although they have been edited in Substance Painter. These two images came from the NASA website:

This image was taken from this website and turned into a blueprint by me on Photoshop, then further edited in Substance Painter:

  For the books I also used some images from other sources. This image was from this website.

And this one was from this website.

This Stephen Hawking book cover was taken from Amazon.

Another disclaimer: All light maps and collisions were made by me. I did not use any automated Unreal Engine procedure for this.