Captain's Cabin - Week 3

General / 17 October 2019

I decided to add some water to my level as the HDR water didn't look very good. The water I made was created with the help of my colleague Sophie Pette, a.k.a. the Water Master.

I have also decided to give the windows some dirt and grime, and some undulation as glass in the 18th/19th century was not very plane. I follow this tutorial to make a master glass material. I added many other things to it:

I wanted the windows to look more realistic so I modelled the groove where the glass planes would fit in the frame. I gave the window glass some depth and gave it a green/grey material to imitate glass thickness from the side.

I made wood variations for vertex painting and added a little more geometry on the floor. I vertex painted the parts of the floor that would be stepped on more often. The first picture is before vertex painting:

After vertex painting:

I didn't want to bake the chair and bookcase but I wanted pretty  decorations on them. I decided to make decals in order to apply them. I used some height maps I found online to make decorations, then brought them into substance painter and added details to it such as a wood material, wear marks and roughness variation. These are the originals:

These were from this website.

I am very pleased with how they look on the furniture:

The rug texture was taken from Wikipedia. It is a historical Persian rug.