Conservatory - Week 3, Day 4

Work In Progress / 07 November 2019

This week I have been working on some extra materials and meshes. Following my new blockout, I made a chest of drawers and a cabinet with shelves. This was my reference, I couldn't find anything exactly like I wanted for the cabinet but I used these measurements as a base:

The first material I made this week was wood, which I decided would be pine.

This is my reference:

And this is my material in its varnished form and painted form, plus a variation for vertex painting.

I used the painted wood material on the cabinet and chest of drawers, and vertex painted between them. I am planing on making some edge decals for them too, to have more controlled wear and tear. I have not tried edge decals yet so that will be something new to learn with this project:

Last week everything was too saturated and red and I was not liking it. That lead to the decision of making some of the walls white plaster instead of brick. I still kept half of the back wall as brick. Talking to my peers it was pointed out that the brick wall was distracting the eye from some nice details like the garden chair, providing a background that was too noisy. I still wanted some interest on the wall, so I made a textured plaster based on this reference:

I made the decision of keeping this material very simple, as I did not intend on making a variation of it for vertex painting and I did not want to have tiling problems. I might add some humidity decals to it later on.

Another material I made was a simple fabric material in a neutral colour so I could play around with colour multipliers within Unreal Engine, to better assess which colour would look better. I also kept this one very simple, as I intend on using it as a tiling material on the duvet, pillow and mattress sheets, but I also want to use a baked normal on these assets.

The final materials I made this week were terracotta variations. I want to make a trim sheet of terracottas and have my plant pots changing between them randomly when placed in the scene. This is my reference:

And these are the materials:

The last subject for now was lighting. I really needed to bake it to see how the environment could look like. I want an overcast day, perfect to stay home reading a book and drinking some hot beverage. For this reason I am not using a Directional Light, and instead I am relying on my Skylight as the main light source of my scene. The HDR used on the sky and on the Skylight is this one from HDRI Haven. Another issue I encountered was having seams in the light bake where my modular pieces met. To solve this I changed the Lightmass settings a little bit:

I know lots of people associate overcast days with sad days, but I wanted to make it a little magical. I wanted to test and see how fairy lights would look like in the scene, baking the light from the emissive texture. I just scattered some spheres around for testing, and I think I will go ahead with the fairy lights but I am still to model them. This is what the scene looks like today:

The light is still baked on preview as I am adding more things to the scene. I tested baking it on production to see if the artefacts in the bake would disappear and they have :) but forgot to take screenshots :( The duvet on the bed is still under construction, I will post updates about it soon.