Conservatory - Week 2, Day 2 - Materials

General / 29 October 2019

I spent the rest of the week and yesterday still modelling and finishing my modular kit.

Today I made some materials, the first being a terracotta floor tile:

For this material I wanted to experiment with the nodes Flood Fill, Flood Fill to Random and Flood Fill Mapper. I could have made the herringbone pattern by using shapes and combining them but the Weave Generator already had the pattern ready. What it did not have, however, was the ability to give the "tiles" luminance variation and more random masks (it has masks for horizontal and vertical tiles. By using the Flood Fill nodes, I was able to add height and colour variation.

With the masks from the Weave Generator I was able to add some directional "damage" that terracotta tiles often have.

I also made a brick material today:

Here is some of the reference for it the materials:

The room is currently looking like this. The HDR being used at the moment is from HDRI Haven. It might change later.

I currently have the tiles on the floor set to World Position but I might change that in order to vertex paint in a less costly way. For now I just wanted to see what the texture looked like.

Tomorrow I will start modelling plants, which should populate the room a bit more and make it look less empty. I have other things needing modelling like a duvet, books, and other bits and bobs.