Captain's Cabin - week 2

General / 11 October 2019

During week 2 I finished modelling and started making materials and texturing. I spent a while following this wood material tutorial by Jaako Saari, and adding some of my own touches to it.



I also made several other materials, some to be used as they are and others to import into Substance Painter to make textures. These included a metal base (to be multiplied with colours to make other metals):


A leather material:




A book pages material:


A chain material:

And a fabric material. For this one I used an image of a baroque pattern for time saving:



(This is the image I used, I did not make this. It was taken from the website Free Design File).

I also followed a tutorial by Mike Pickton (I don't think it is available online)  to make a material and blue print in Unreal Engine to randomise the colour of the books in the scene when I moved them. I textured the book in grey scale to add a colour overlay. I also added a mask so it would not affect the golden filigree:




The scene is currently looking like this:






The lighting is the next thing I will tackle (as well as finishing the texture for the globe). At the moment the light is not baked. I don't have any shadows yet so things appear to be disconnected.

To do list for week 3:

- Parallax occlusion for the floor planks

- Take a picture of a real rug and feather for texturing

- Trim Sheet

- Globe textures

- Lighting

- Letter texture (I will make it by hand with a calligraphy pen)

Stretch goals:

- Making a simple water texture and mountains in the horizon