Conservatory - Week 1, Day 1

Work In Progress / 21 October 2019

For the next project brief for university I have chosen the "Behind the Door" brief. It is about a sci fi door and what you would find behind it. I decided my door is a time machine door.

The story behind it that of the scientist that created it. They created the time machine in a world that has been almost wiped off by some sort of apocalypse. The scientist uses this machine to go to their favourite place pre apocalypse, when they used to live in a conservatory/potting shed surrounded by plants. At the time the scientist was a student, still learning the things that would bring them to create a time machine in the future.

This is my main moodboard (which will grow soon with smaller props and details):

I made a rough plan for the room:

 Following this morning's lesson on organisation and using Trello, I thought I would give it a try:


I am enjoying using Trello very much, I used to make Excel files for my projects but this seems much easier to use :)

I am also considering the possibility of making my environment modular, just because I would like to experiment with modular kits.