Conservatory - Week 4, Day 1

Work In Progress / 11 November 2019

I started this week by making fairy lights for the scene. I wanted to make the scene warmer and cosier and thought fairy lights would do the trick :) This is the reference for them:

For the cable I made a simple mesh that uses a small normal map for the twisting, and used a spline to add it to the scene. The mesh itself is only 2cm in height and has 72 tris. I followed this tutorial to make the spline mesh. This is what the blue print looks like:

And these are the fairy lights in the scene:

For the fairy lights glass I followed this tutorial that my friend Josiah suggested. The inside is made of 2 planes with a masked emissive texture.

I also made a couple of materials and textures today. The first one was a cardboard material:

This is the reference I used:

I used this cardboard to texture this box, and made the sides different because of the way I placed them in the scene. Since the viewer will never see the boxes from more than 2 sides, I could use the same prop from different angles in order to create the impression that I have more than 1 prop:

The second material was Soil:

  This is what the scene is currently looking like:


There are some light artifacts that disappear once I bake the lighting in production rather than preview, but since I have been adding new items I have not built the light in production for a little while.